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Tarantino Unchained: why “Django” is a solid outing

The prospect of Quentin Tarantino doing a runaway slave film, set in the Deep South, is intriguing. The prospect of him handling such a film as a western is yet more intriguing. Couple that with the cast he assembled, and … Continue reading

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2012: A Retrospective

Let’s face it: there is a part of you that wondered what the Mayan Apocaplyse would have looked like. There are people out there who probably, and honestly, believed that President Obama’s re-election was a harbinger of doom. There are … Continue reading

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So, Tim Tebow is human after all

Tim Tebow doesn’t like his outlook with the Jets. He doesn’t like how he’s been played with the Jets this year. He probably doesn’t like the fact that Denver traded him to the Jets. However, until recently, you would have … Continue reading

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Why the “War on Christmas” is a joke

Every year, starting around November, Bill O’Reily, with the inevitability of an unloved season, starts going on and on about the secular “War on Christmas,” and Pat Robertson joined the fun this year by stating, and I’m paraphrasing, that atheists … Continue reading

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Are the New York Yankees being cheap?

A very serious topic this time of year in Major League Baseball is free agency, and subsequent signings by teams. It doesn’t seem that long ago that the New York Yankees were active every off-season, looking to nail that big … Continue reading

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NFL Week 15: a wild, wild one

For the NFL, week 15 of the regular season was not an easy one, in many respects. Just like the rest of us across the country, those in the NFL were no doubt shocked and saddened by the tragic events … Continue reading

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ESPN and Tebowmania: the dynamic finally cools

One reason I loved Jim Rome is Burning, back when it was on the ESPN family of networks, was that he defied all the conventions that defined ESPN as a whole, and consequently, it seems like all their shows tow … Continue reading

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