So, Tim Tebow is human after all

Tim Tebow doesn’t like his outlook with the Jets. He doesn’t like how he’s been played with the Jets this year. He probably doesn’t like the fact that Denver traded him to the Jets. However, until recently, you would have had no idea. Tebow has been a good soldier for the Jets, and was prior for the Broncos. It is this quality that makes him a good teammate.

I am not critical of Tim Tebow the man; his personal beliefs are his business, and I commend his charity work and generous giving to needy children, even if it is driven by his beliefs, with which I personally disagree. However, I am critical of Tebow the football player, or at least I was. Tebow’s ineffectiveness this season has not been the result of bad play on his part, but of bad play-calling on the coaches’. He never got into a rhythm, and never got his feet off the ground, so to speak.

A lot of people who commend Tebow for his “angelic” qualities, that drive him to be such a nice guy, may not like that he complains about his situation, but I do. It speaks to the fact that Tebow, the man, is angry at how Tebow, the football player, is being treated; he is not a pushover, and has the right to be angry at being passed over for the starting quarterback job. Quite frankly, I think he deserved it.

The things that angered me about the Cult of Tebow made me not like Tebow on the football field when he was with Denver. However, the fact that Tebow, overall, has come down to Earth makes me appreciate the man, who works hard, and wants to contribute. The Jets only watched this season as the 49ers employed the part-time, wildcat, quarterback system that the Jets were supposedly going to unleash upon the rest of the NFL. They could have employed it themselves, let Tebow, and hell, to change things up, maybe even McIlroy run a few series in games here and there. Sanchez cannot keep defenses honest by himself; mixing things up would have.

So, Tim Tebow is human after all. He doesn’t like his circumstances, and he shouldn’t have to. The fact that he is human makes him more sympathetic; rather than being on board, he made a statement to the rest of the NFL that he wants to be taken seriously, he wants that serious long-term shot, something neither Denver nor New York were willing to give him. He wants the full backing of a coaching staff, which he has never had. And you know what? In this league, a quarterback driven league, where the operational definition of the quarterback is being redefined, he deserves it.

Just not in Denver and not in New York either; he needs a clean break, a clean slate, and a fresh start.


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I reside in California, and I am a graduate from California Lutheran University, where I received my Masters in Public Policy and Administration. I like to write, talk politics, and exchange comments and opinions.
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