Tebow Time in Foxborough

The New England Patriots signed Tim Tebow to a 2-year, no guaranteed money contract today, thus reaffirming that Bill Belichick is this generation’s Al Davis; always looking to outsmart the other guy, making the move that no one else sees, or at least perceives things that way. For Tebow, it is the ideal landing place in the NFL; he reportedly refused overtures from CFL. There will be no quarterback controversy, for even Skip Bayless on First Take cannot argue that Tebow is better than Tom Brady, although he may take issue with Ryan Mallet being 2nd on the depth chart, something for most people is a foregone and natural conclusion.

For Tebow, who is a team-oriented player (a few alleged incidents with the Jets aside), the Patriots are the ultimate opportunity; Belichick loves versatile players, and Tebow can run, pass (albeit with some limitations), play special teams, and with work become a decent pass-catcher. Who knows? They may put Tebow in on defense. Tebow also has the chance to learn from Tom Brady, one of the living legends of the game, as well as (to a far, far lesser extent) Ryan Mallet, about the position of quarterback, and being a solid backup for the starter, respectively.

Now, I will admit: I thought Tebow could have worked out in New York when the Jets traded for him, a deal which polarized the Jets’ front office. The hope was high: use Tebow as a wild cat quarterback, a running back, and on special teams; truly work him. For reasons which I do not understand, the Jets failed to use him, and that’s not Tebow’s fault; I do not often defend Tebow’s play, but it can be argued, and strongly, that because he never got enough plays, he never found his stride, and Tebow needs his stride to work well. This is different than Belichick’s system, which will exploit any potential opening.

The Tebow media circus will be controlled because, let’s face it, Belichick controls the media better than any other coach, player, or GM. To quote one sportswriter, “you may as well be talking to a statue.” Belichick, in his typical manner, dismissed the question, saying (more or less) “we signed a player, next question.”

Will Tebow survive in Foxborough? I don’t know. However, if he fails there, his career is done, because if working with Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, as well as the Patriots organization, cannot make your worthy of a roster spot, then your career is done, or your attitude is wrong.


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I reside in California, and I am a graduate from California Lutheran University, where I received my Masters in Public Policy and Administration. I like to write, talk politics, and exchange comments and opinions.
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