Jason Kidd to the Nets coaching job

So, Jason Kidd was formally introduced as the Brooklyn Nets head coach, less than two weeks after he retired as a player. Let’s look at this, good, bad, and ugly style.

He is a respected figure in the NBA: great

Kidd carries a lot of respect amongst players, owners, and coaches, which makes him a great ambassador for the Nets, as well as a great public face. With the Nets in a coaching bind this past off-season, he is well positioned to deal with the mess he is inheriting, something necessary for dealing with a rising team with a solid superstar player.

He had a great time with the Nets as a player: good

It’s good, not great, because it has a nice ring to it when his position is all speculative, and he hasn’t put a lot into it. This means that the long-time Nets fans will whole-heartedly embrace him, but that could turn to dust if the Nets flounder early into next season. I rate this based on my gut, which is more of a pragmatic take than others might have, but all this gets him is goodwill, which has short shelf life.

He has former head coaches on his staff; good, potentially ugly

The fact he brings head coaching experience to his staff is shrewd in light of his own lack of experience (next topic); it gives him depth he otherwise would not have, which in turn generates further goodwill and will aid him as he develops a scheme for his style. However, it also provides management with an out if the season goes south, which could be the point Kidd is making (I doubt it, but if so, bravo).

He has no NBA coaching experience of any kid… ever; all three

No experience means an uncluttered basketball brain that could develop a new system that completely defies experience and expectation; not likely, but it’s a nice thought. A better view is that it makes Kidd unpredictable, something a lot of coaches cannot say. His experiences as a player mean he can communicate with the team better, since he’s been there, and could sell his system well. Having been a leader on the court, he’ll have great experience dealing with Derron Williams, the team’s leader on the court. On the other hand, guess what will be blamed if he flounders?


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