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The Rise and Fall of Facebook

The phrase “you created a monster” is used a lot in a bunch of different contexts; however, one unusual usage I’m finding is in the world of social media Facebook was the “it” thing to be doing when I first … Continue reading

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2012: A Retrospective

Let’s face it: there is a part of you that wondered what the Mayan Apocaplyse would have looked like. There are people out there who probably, and honestly, believed that President Obama’s re-election was a harbinger of doom. There are … Continue reading

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What Has 2012 Taught Us?

Every year, people love to look back at the year that was, and wonder how it could have been better or worse, different, and in my case, what I took from it. 2012 has been a fascinating experience, perhaps best … Continue reading

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Why Black Friday needs to end

Black Friday is an American tradition nearly as rich as the pudding your grandmother used to make for Thanksgiving dinner. As several internet memes have stated, it also runs counter to the very idea at the heart of Thanksgiving; after … Continue reading

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