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Next Day Reaction – the REAL refs return

For a moment last night, the real excitement on television and in Baltimore was not the Browns coming in to take on the Ravens, but rather the return of the regular officials. The first NFLRA crew to officiate a game … Continue reading

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NFL v. NFLRA: There is No Middle Ground Anymore

If there is one thing I picked up from my father, it is an ambivalence towards organized labor and collective bargaining, aka labor unions. This doesn’t mean we automatically oppose them, but I am always a little miffed when I … Continue reading

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Rapid Reaction – Packers vs. Seahawks – MNF 9/24/12

All right, the officiating at Monday’s game was really bad, against both sides (I apparently need to say this or else risk really pissing off Seahawks fans). Let’s be fair about this: 1) Bad calls plagued both sides, and every … Continue reading

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Why MLB’s New Playoff Format is Working

When I first head that Major League Baseball was going to expand the playoff format to include two wild card teams, I thought “this is a money grab, plain and simple. They see the huge amount of money football and … Continue reading

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The Truth About Economic Boycotts

There is one fundamental truth in modern society: there is far less privacy now than there was five years ago, and far, far less than ten or fifteen years ago, when the internet was just coming out of its adolescence. … Continue reading

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Sports Hop – College Sports edition

Two things to cover this week: 1. Notre Dame joins the ACC In a genuine “I bet you didn’t see this one coming” move, Notre Dame announced its intention to join the ACC as soon as it can, which will … Continue reading

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The NFL Season Kick-Off Special

A while back, I commented on how baseball needed to take a cue from the NFL with regards to opening day; the NFL will make my point tomorrow night. The NFL, in the midst of a giant class-action lawsuit, controversy … Continue reading

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