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A Conversation the NFL and NFLPA need to have

A recent players poll showed Roger Goodell has a 39% approval rating amongst active players and those on practice squads; ESPN said it was a low number; I personally think it’s pretty high considering all the legal squabbling between the … Continue reading

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What constitutes news in today’s world?

What is news? The Manti Te’o story, straight out of a soap opera, is unavoidable; even has a block devoted to it. Lance Armstrong, which again is soap opera-esque material, dominated headlines for two straight weeks. The mere fact … Continue reading

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The Current State of California politics

Writer’s note: I am a self-described moderate-liberal and registered Democrat. The following is my personal opinion, and is not meant to be taken as anything other than that. As it is an opinion, others may take issue with parts, or … Continue reading

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The 2013 NFL Coaching Carousal

Every season about five to nine coaches get fired, which then leads to coaching searches, and coaching hirings. The season plays out, then the whole cycle plays out again, round and round. For this year, though, this is who get … Continue reading

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The 49ers beat the Falcons

In what was expected by some to be a war of attrition, the Atlanta Falcons seemed poised for a massive beat down of the San Francisco 49ers in the first half; the Falcons had contained Colin Kaepernick, something they would … Continue reading

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The NHL just needs to play the games

“Dear NHL, shut up about how happy you are to be back and just play the damn games already. Love always, Brett” I posted this status update when watching the Bruins-Rangers game on Saturday evening, for one good reason: it … Continue reading

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Why to Believe in Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick: how many people, outside of 49ers fanatics who have no lives, actually knew that name before this season? Very few (if you don’t include the aforementioned fanatics). A friend of the family, who had access to 49er training … Continue reading

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